WAVE 02 Interview with Andy Gore about Firefly Online

In this very special Episode our host Alexander has the privilege to be interviewing Andy Gore, CEO of renowned Firefly merchandise creator Quantum Mechanix, the guy behind the highly anticipated game Firefly Online!

We cover questions like what the game is about, what the gameplay mechanix are and what you as a player can expect from this upcoming game in the verse of Firefly.
You get to know which characters from the show are coming back, and some new characters coming up, e.g. a crime lord on persephone voiced by Kelly Hu.
Andy explains what his thoughts on a pricing model for Firefly Online are (it will be premium \o/) and why.
He also tells us about the difficulties that come with releasing a game on several platforms at once and how one (iOS) or the other (android) sometimes delay the game for every platform.
Wonder what the „online“ part of Firefly online will be? How you can interact with other players? Here you find this out and much much more.

We are very thankful for this opportunity to get some behind-the-scenes views on Firefly Online!

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